What service should be.

We have used Dahlquest several times in the past to service our old furnace when the heat went out. They have always responded quickly and got us up-and-running. With the last problem, our furnace proved to be unrevivable no matter what they tried. It was time to replace (and install central air). Having done a pricing exercise a couple of years earlier, we knew that Dahlquest was very competitive. It was a no-brainer for us. The service and quality of work Dahlquest provided has always been excellent, no reason to believe that they would not carry anything other than an equally high quality product to protect their name and reputation. Thankfully the night was not bitter cold and we had a fireplace that could keep us toasty warm if it was needed. Dahquest was able to juggle their installation schedule and was at our door bright and early the very next morning to install a high efficiency furnace and A/C unit. The work was performed quickly and professionally. Every bit of debris was gone. We did notice a “bang” when the furnace shut down due to the higher air pressure provided by the new furnace in our old ductwork. They immediately came out and fixed the problem by placing reinforcements on the ductwork. Problem gone, nice and quiet. As for the Ruud product itself, so far so good. We anticipate that our investment will continue to perform and be supported in the future as well as Dahlquest has supported us in the past.